UDS group has funded the project for upgrading of sensory room located in the center for social and cultural rehabilitation of disabled people functioning in the national Library of the Udmurt Republic into the multisensory room for blind and visually impaired children. The main objective of the project is to increase quality and accessibility for kids with disabilities and decrease inequality in information gaining.

Sensor room has been functioning since 2015 and is visited by over 200 visually impaired children every year. Training, correctional and rehabilitational sessions, both group and individual, are organized for them. New sensor equipment purchased under the partner project of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic and UDS group allowed to introduce fresh topics and make them more interactive.

Funds allocated by the Holding were used for procurement of Braille writing tools, white canes, magnifying lamps, magnifying rulers, media equipment for visualization and audio support of sessions, watching cartoons with audio description, special wall-mounted modules as well as comfortable furniture. Special-purpose inventory of the center was replenished by tactile graphics, which are necessary for totally blind children for learning the Braille alphabet, objects and environmental phenomena as well as guidelines for parents, teachers and specialists of correctional institutions, which will promote the increase of competency level in the related to the rehabilitation of visually impaired children.

— We are grateful to UDS group for responding and supporting our initiative. State-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment and special-purpose books will help the kids to learn and perceive the world in the form, which is accessible for them. We hope that sessions in the multisensory room will contribute to the success in development and social engagement of visually impaired children and will help in enhancing their quality of life, said Tatyana Tensina, Director of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic.

Goodwill projects are the integral part of Holding life. Company is the initiator and partner of multiple socially minded activities with a particular focus on the youngsters. UDS group is involved in opening of three sensor rooms for disabled children (two in Izhevsk and one in Sarapul District), carrying out of inclusive children's festivals, charitable events and benefits, implementing of educational, cultural and sports projects. Social initiatives of the company are aimed at fulfillment of creative potential and talents of the coming generation, creation of new possibilities for development, improvement of living and health standards.

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