Who are we?

The construction industry has boomed over the past 30-40 years. As a result, the use of construction materials has increased, especially the use of non-metallic materials.

Sreduralnerud  — is a company with a great experience. It has been operating on the construction market of the Udmurt Republic more than 57 years.

During the process of sand extraction and sawn timber manufacture, we use only the latest technologies that exist on the market nowadays.

If your company looks for reliable partner who is able to provide regular and reliable supplies of sand and saw timber, then we are open for cooperation.

Sreduralnerud company never breaks agreements and contracts.

Initially company focuses on the quality. Not only the quality of products we supply, but also the quality of service is important.

  • firstly, all the sandpits, where we mine sand, are our property, that allows us to set attractive prices for sand.
  • secondly, our sandpits are only 30 km away from Izhevsk, so the transportation of sand is quick and cheap.
  • thirdly, we mine pure sand without various impurities.
  • finally, we have excellent transportation facilities in order to deliver the goods on time and in accordance with the orders.

According to the geological study, the sand reserves of our sandpits total 10 million cubic meters. We can proudly declare, that "Sreduralnerud" plans to develop further contributing to the construction industry and economy of the Udmurt Republic. To achieve this aim, the company also has available resources, production capacity and great potential.

Our mission

The company "Sreduralnerud" strives to provide construction companies of the Udmurt Republic with non-metallic materials and saw timber, fully satisfying their demands.

We continue to improve product quality as well as services. This attitude to business enables us to achieve great success.

More than 250 companies are our business partners who have already conceived of professional skills of our employees and excellent quality of our goods. “Sreduralnerud” is one of the largest and important strategic business unit of the Udmurt Republic.

Our mission is to supply quality building materials without delays. Therefore, we direct special attention to quality control of products at all stages of production. It is highly significant to focus on transportation of sand and saw timber in order to accomplish our mission. The use of modern cars and transportation facilities enables us to provide our customers with our goods in time.

“Sreduralnerud" provides its customers with a full range of services related to the delivery of building materials. We constantly improve our service, adopt the latest technologies and effectively develop our commercial potential.

Our principles

We have been operating on the construction market for many years and have managed to establish a number of principles that enables us to run profitable business. “Sreduralnerud" highly values its customers and works hard to fulfil their demands. One of the basic principles of our work is to recruit specialists, who use creative approach to their work.

We are trying to achieve perfection in all businesses of the company, constantly improving the quality of services and increasing our own value for customers.

The major aspect of working together as a team is mutual respect. We are the team that is aimed at achieving common goals. We believe that every employee can contribute to the development of the company. We motivate our employees so, that they would be able to develop ambitious plans and perform difficult tasks.

One of the basic principles of our work is that the company and every employee should work towards common goals. We believe that desire for great success unites the company and its employees in one team. We stimulate professional growth of the whole company by paying attention to the professional growth of every employee.


Fyodor Tyunin
Director, Sreduralnernud and Uralbeton

Flexible pricing policy

Proper fulfilment of orders

Team of qualified professionals

Our own sandpits

Modern transportation facilities

Various payment methods

Reliable transportation

Excellent service

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