Starting from 2019 we are developing the alluvial gold mining business under the brand UDS Golden group. We develop gold deposits in the Sverdlovsk and Perm Regions of total area over 700 square kilometers. We own 22 licenses. Reserves and resources comprise over 16,000 kg of gold.

The following companies operate under the UDS Golden group brand:
• PAS «Yuzhno-Zaozerskiy priisk»
• OOO «Vtorichnye dragotsennye metally»
• ООО «Vega»
• ООО «Uranlerud»
• ООО «Beton»
• AО «Oktant»
Gold prospecting organization “Yuzhno-Zaozerskiy priisk” is the flagship of the Group. The company was established in 1934 and is one of the oldest and experienced gold mining companies of the Sverdlovsk Region.

We value our legacy, we are proud of the results achieved and every day we endeavor to outperform ourselves. We complete production targets based on the expertise, competency and high skill level of 400+ employees.


Our objective is to improve quality of life of people and society through the sustainable and responsible extraction of mineral resources. We strive for development and leadership in the industry, all with the careful use of natural resources, commitment to protect the environment and restore ecological balance and ensuring occupational safety in the regions of our activities.


  • Development
  • We advance processes, explore new possibilities and implement innovative solutions to become leaders in our field.

  • Accountability
  • We bear personal and team accountability for each our activity, final result and reputation of the company. We fulfill our obligations towards employees, partners and society.

  • Efficiency
  • We seek for effective solutions for production targets and complete them based on the expertise, competency and skill level of our team.

  • Team work
  • We are the team of fellow-thinkers. We act as a team in order to fulfill company's targets, 100% involved in process and share accountability for the common goal.

  • Confidence and respect
  • We build our relations with colleagues, partners and society based on the confidence and respect.

  • Safety
  • We provide safe working conditions for the employees and care about their health.


    Evgenia Tyunina
    Director, UDS Golden group

    UDS Golden group operates in three regions of Russia

    Professional development and career progress

    Competitive salary and decent labor conditions

    Care for employees is the Company’s commitment

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