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Who are we?

The members of our team have healthy lifestyle. The network of farm markets "Eco-rynok" enables every citizen to purchase useful and natural products from farmers of the Udmurt Republic and nearby regions.

An obvious advantages of a healthy way of life are known from ancient times. Natural products taste better and is more nutritious than their alternatives, that are produced in factory greenhouses. Our company sells products that awere grown and harvested on the local farms and do not contain any pesticides, GMOs or hormone promoters.

The quality of the products is our major concern. "Eco-rynok" allows to purchase natural and fresh products that are useful for all family members.

Our markets offer high-quality farm products to everyone, who shares our ideas about proper and adequate nutrition, aspires to prolong life and health and chooses for himself the very best. Company’s great task is to maintain the high quality of the products we sell and we fulfil it entirely in order our children, our friends and relatives have possibility to enjoy fresh and healthy food.

Our mission

"Eco-rynok" was created in order to enable city’s residents to consume nutritious and fresh frm products at reasonable prices. Once you get to this farm market, you can find there everything you need. Distinct advantages of this type of market are comfortable conditions, excellent work culture and service, neat counters as well as dry and clean units.

Our mission is to provide urban residents with quality, fresh and natural food. Our company is aimed to modernize the modern market - to build such trade units that will operate in terms of service and comfort like shopping centres, but the quality of the goods there will be higher. We managed to establish "Eco-rynok", which meets all the requirements and wishes of customers, who care about their health. We strive to help our customers to lead healthy lifestyle and increase awareness of it.

Farm market is a solution for those, who values naturalness and high quality in food profucts. In our markets customers will be able to find a wide range of food products and choose the best and most nutritious items for their families.

Our principles

Balance between nature and life is the basic principle of "Eco-rynok". It assumes respect for nature and man. A careful attitude to our health is based, first of all, on quality and balanced nutrition, active way of life and positive thinking.

We give our customers the opportunity to make a choice in favour of their health, offering to purchase natural products. You can enjoy an excellent taste of high quality food products every day.

The modern network of farm markets allows everyone to buy not only fresh, but also nutritious food products. We believe that natural farm products should have reasonable prices, so that it could be affordable to any person, regardless of his income. Therefore, we set attractive prices for all types of products presented in our network markets.

The basic principle of our markets is to be honest with custumers. We always provide true information about the products and regularly take quality control.


Vadim Glezdenev

Convenient location of the markets

Availability of fresh farm products

Wide range of products

Reasonable prices

Polite salesmen

Various discounts for regular customers

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