Who are we?

The company "Uralbeton" came on the market of Udmurt Republic long time ago and built up a reputation as a reliable partner. "Uralbeton" produces all types of concrete and ensures its delivery to a construction plant. Company’s final products are ready for use and do not need further processing.

We are the team of true professionals. The concrete produced by “Uralbeton” does not contain any related substances and disseminations. The constant humidity control over raw materials and prompt normalisation of the concrete composition at the early stages, guarantees that concrete we produced will satisfy current technical requirements.

Our modern company is aware of the importance to fulfil technological conditions and to use accurate weight proportions of the components in production of high-quality concrete. Cement, filler and water are added in a certain sequence in order to follow a strict production process. Consistency and mixing time of concrete during production depends on delivery details.

Our company is one of those which pays close attention to the professional growth of their employees. This approach allows “Uralbeton” to produce high-quality products and take leading positions on the market.

Our mission

The main part of the goods manufactured by “Uralbeton” are concrete and quality cement mortars. Accuracy in technology, quality control at all stages of production, use of the best raw materials are company’s key features, for which our customers value us. We have been cooperating with major construction companies of the republic for many years.

Our mission is to supply quality products for the construction of municipal and multi-storeyed residential buildings, as well as commercial ones. “Uralbeton” is proud to be a leading supplier of quality concrete and cement mortar not only within Izhevsk, but also within the Udmurt Republic.

Moreover, our goal is to gradually develop technologies in concrete production and in the whole industry for the purpose of:

  • Improvement of our partners’ business, by increasing cost efficiency of production;
  • Use of innovative designs for concrete constructions in order construction companies are able to realize its potential;
  • Improvements of working conditions due to adoption of the latest technologies and use of quality materials;
  • Sustainable use of natural resources to safe the perfect balance between man and nature.

Our principles

Over the years of successful work on the market our company has established the number of principles:

  • “Uralbeton” closely follows its own clear, coherent and comprehensive strategies and aims;
  • Our work allows not only us but also our business partners to make profit.
  • We simplify and standardize our work as much as possible.

Innovative technologies are the key to our success. The company’s management focuses on consumer-oriented approach, adopting innovations to the process of production. We constantly search for new ways of doing business, that enables us to be the leader of the market.

We set out favourable working conditions for personnel and we value professional skills of every employee. We believe that all employees of “Uralbeton”, should grow professionally, by supporting and helping each other, regardless their job position in the company.

The company "Uralbeton" always strives for obtaining highest results especially in the areas of commercial importance. The rule " The quality prevails profit" allows our company to achieve desired results.


Fyodor Tyunin
Director, Sreduralnernud and Uralbeton

Quality products

High quality of goods and services

Constant concrete production

The team of qualified specialists

Strict quality control

Strict adherence to the volume of the orders

Modern transportation facilities for transportation and delivery of concrete

Reasonable prices for products

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