Who are we?

We help children to develop!

The charity fund “Junye Talanty” зwas established to solve an important social problem - providing financial support to talented children of Udmurt Republic from low-income families or without parental support. The charity fund started to operate in March 2015. Currently, the fund is supported by UralDomStroy» (development business) и UDS oil (oil extraction business) which are the parts of «UDS group» corporation..

The charity fund “Junye Talanty” has already supported lots of children who have shown great results in art, singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments: guitar, piano, harmonica, clarinet ... and this is just the beginning!

Our mission

Our future is in our hands!

We contribute to the descent education of the children and help to develop their creative abilities, by providing support for young talented children, because the future of our Republic and the country itself, depends on our future generations.

Our principles

Honesty, support, planning for the future!

  • The financial activities of the fund is transparent and legal, and we publish our financial reports monthly;

  • We aspire not only to help talented children, but to develop in our society charity and to teach people to help those who are in need;

  • We want to create a talented nation to prove to everyone that Russian people are the most talented people in the world.



«Junye Talanty» is the first charity fund in the Udmurt Republic, which helps talented children from low-income families. We provide support of different kinds: sponsoring trips to contests, festivals, and other events that enable to develop talents. Moreover, we supply children with necessary musical instruments, sports equipment and so forth.


We assist in development of children’s talents in various fields: sports, school study, choreography, gymnastics, singing, dancing, chess, art and theatrical art and others. Since fund’s opening lots of children have received our support. We hope, that the children will continue to develop and improve their talents and amaze the public by their great results.


We are very grateful to the partners who assist to the fund. We regularly express our gratitude via online groups of the fund (vkontakte, facebook), place on the site the logo-hyperlink to the fund’s website, hand out the Appreciation letters, issue stickers to the partner’s office door, so that all visitors can identify, that existing social problems are not indifferent to the company.

Modern trend

It’s a common knowledge, that supporting charitable projects as a branch of business social dimension, is a new trend that enables to create positive image of the company. To increase public awareness of social activities of the company, our partners are allowed to use information about their contribution to the charity fund for their promotional and advertising campaigns.

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