About company

Holding «UDS group» was stabled in 2006.

We develop 11 areas of business in 6 regions of Russia: oil extraction and trading, development, construction, management of residential and non-residential facilities, extraction of non-metallic materials, production and sale of concrete, water engineering, rental and catering business, charity.

UDS oil has been operating since 2013 and is one of the top three companies by oil production level in the Udmurtia. Cumulative production of the Company is 4.9 mln. tons.

UralDomStroy is one of the key developers in Udmurtia. Our houses are the embodiment of family values. Cozy warm apartments, children's sports grounds, walking alleys and modern improved courtyards - everything is created in order to enjoy life and raise children.

We work in Udmurtia, Smolensk and Nizhny Novgorod regions, Perm Krai. We build houses, develop social infrastructure, cooperate with architects of international level and form the city's image. Our pride is the housing estate ECO Life. A winner of the national stage of the FIABCI Prix d'Excellence Awards in 2017 in the High-altitude real estate nomination.

Construction Department UralDomStroy is a comprehensive approach to the construction of comfortable housing, industrial, social and cultural facilities. For 8 years we have built 28 buildings, another 7 are building right now. We apply and constantly improve quality management systems in construction.

UK Parus. We build houses and know about them all. Giving the keys to the apartment, we guarantee the safe operation of the house and excellent quality of service. Today, under the company's management is more than 144 thousand square meters of residential and more than 13.5 thousand square meters of commercial real estate.

The history of UDS group began with the enterprise Sreduralnerud. This is one of the most experienced holding companies. Our specialists for more than 60 years supply sand to the construction sites in Udmurtia. Over the past 7 years, the volume of sand extraction has increased 3 times.

Uralbeton is the leader in the concrete production in Udmurtia. It produces more than 100 types of concrete and matrix. We create a solid foundation for the construction projects of the Republic.

Agrovod-Service is one of the oldest water management enterprises in Udmurtia. Since 1953, we have been building and repairing hydraulic structures, we are engaged in water removal, drilling and well repair.

Eco-rynok. Together with the federal partner, the holding creates a Russian network of eco-rynok, where local farmers sell environmentally pure and always fresh products. Today, there are 3 «eco-rynoks» in Izhevsk. For small farms in Udmurtia, it is a unique platform for bringing your business to a qualitatively new level.

In 2019 we opened a premium class restaurant Penthouse. It combines a unique modern restaurant during the day and a club during the night on the 14th level of the Parus Plaza business center.

Charity is an integral part of our holding company. We support projects for the development of sport and culture, the Boxing Federation of the Udmurt Republic and the Boxing Federation of Russia in the Volga Federal District. We are rebuilding and building temples, playgrounds, equipping sensory rooms for children with special developmental needs, helping children from low-income families, orphans and left without parental care.

All holding company results belong to the team of the UDS group. More than 1300 talented, highly qualified employees perform tasks of any complexity. A strong team is our main resource and our pride.