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    Facilities management for residential and non-residential properties

Who are we?

We are the team of professionals, who is motivated to provide quality service, using the latest management systems and technologies.

Our company provides a full range of services, carrying out property maintenance and provide cleaning service. In other words, the maintenance company UK "Parus" is trying to make residents’ life as comfortable as possible.

We are the team that creates a new type of maintenance and cleaning services of multi-storeyed buildings and challenge people’s stereotypes about property maintenance and related services. Building a solid foundation for this kind of business, we invest in our future in order to be the leaders in this sector. We are conscious of our advantages and try to gain more.

Our company improves conditions inside and outside the buildings, creating cosy atmosphere and increasing the importance of feeling homy outside your own property. We lend an effective help to the property owners, solving certain problems related to property maintenance and cleaning service. We will do our best to prevent any inconvenience for our customers.

Our mission

The main goal of UK "Parus" is to improve standards of living of our customers and provide comfortable living conditions. We work hard to provide quality service like technical maintenance and cleaning of residential and non-residential facilities. We aspire to develop further, set out and achieve new goals in order to gain more customers and orders.

Our business is targeted at:

  • Establishment of new decent quality standards for maintenance and cleaning services;
  • Improvement of living conditions for residents of buildings, applying new standards of quality;
  • Offering excellent quality service, providing maintenance and cleaning of residential and non-residential facilities;
  • Providing services in property maintenance and cleaning, fulfilling the demands of the clients;
  • Setting attractive prices for services provided;
  • Creation of homey atmosphere and comfortable conditions in the buildings within our rea of competence;

It should be mentioned, that the establishment of a professional maintenance and cleaning company, whose aim is to improve the level of provided services is not a fashion trend but a sheer necessity to attract specialists in this sector. Nowadays it is very important to adopt all reforms and innovations in this sector of services. We work to enhance customer's life!

Our principles

Maintenance and cleaning company UK "Parus" is a well-known member on the market of services of this type and has established a number of principles during these years:

  • Responsibility that takes place at all stages of providing maintenance and while provoding cleaning service;
  • Hard work. We pay close attention to all aspects and services related to property market, especially to the tiniest details;
  • Comprehensive approach. Our company organizes all the processes, that enable buildings and other facilities function successfully and properly;
  • Competent management is one of the basic principles and such notion like company’s success, customer’s trust and level of professionalism directly depends on it;
  • Customer-oriented approach. The policy of the company is to value and respect all our customers. We develop special offers and organise our work, using individual approach to potential customer;
  • Successful partnership. Our customers and partners can rely on us, as we prefer long-term relationships and do everything to win customers’ loyalty;
  • Continuous improvement. UK "Parus" always sets new goals after achieving the previous ones and strive for expansion of their activity and growing professionally.


Kseniia Mokhova
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Parus

Providing full consultations

Problem-solving approach

Individual approach to every client

Quality control of all services and works

Effective solution to disputes with the property developer

Saving customer’s time and money

Assistance in all the procedures, related to property use

Neat financial statements

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