Mentoring of leaders

The sambo gymnasium has been launched at the orphanage back in 2016 under the ‘I grow with the sport’ social project. One of the project objectives is to make sport available for orphaned and legally free children, turn them to workouts, helm them to adapt in the community, harden personality and build up their health. The orphanage-based sambo school in Izhevsk is being developed with the participation of UDS group holding.

Professional coach was employed owing to the financial support of the company. As of today, he is coaching 50 orphaned boys and girls of various age. They take active part in city, republic, regional and national sporting competitions, win medals and demonstrate perfect fitness condition and combative spirit.

– Kids from the republican orphanage have the opportunity to be actively engaged in sports activities, go for the sporting competitions, where they take winning places, receive awards. For them it is a perfect motivation to strain after new achievements, says Ilya Chernov, the coach. – Sport is the way to set children, especially who is facing life challenges, on the right track, form their beliefs about their capabilities, about future and make the right choice. Sambo disciplines, develops leadership skills, team spirit, will to victory, the strength of character and self-restraint. Skills and knowledge acquired by children during workouts will help them in the hour of need. Sporting cultivates real personalities and leaders. It's great that we find support of business to develop it, discover new talents, help orphaned children to find positive aims in life, positive motivation, new interests, implement their capabilities and be successful.

UDS group adheres to the socially responsible business philosophy. Support of sambo school in the republican orphanage is the company's contribution to development of sport in Udmurtia, introduction of youth to a healthy lifestyle, mentoring of physically and morally healthy generation, worthy successors of sport traditions of the Republic. Company's participation in social projects creates equal opportunities for sporting activities, education, leisure for all kids regardless of their life situation. Every kid shall be healthy, strong, active, successful, committed, able to unlock their potential and choose a better tomorrow.

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