Izhevsk hosts Junior Boxing Championship of Volga Federal District

Junior Boxing Championship of Volga Federal District devoted to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War has been held in Izhevsk. The sports event involving over 100 sportsmen and teams from 14 regions was conducted with support from UDS group holding.

The sportsmen have been competing for 10 medals sets and tickets to the Russian national boxing championship. Final bouts and awarding of winners took place on February 7th. The sportsmen have demonstrated skills, excellent technique and enviable will-to-win spirit.

The team from Udmurtia has been competing at decent level. Our sportsmen have gained one gold, one silver and one bronze medals. Well-deserved gold medal in the 60 kg weight class was gained by Daniil Glebov from Glazov. Rustam Araslanov is the second-best and Stepan Belov is on the third place in the 64 kg weight class. Both sportsmen are from Izhevsk. Team of the Perm Territory is the leader by the number of gold medals. We would like to congratulate sportsmen and their coaches with the achieved results and medals!

The Junior Boxing Championship of Volga Federal District is the second major boxing competition hosted in Izhevsk and supported by UDS group in 2020. «Hosting of sports events of such level is essential for development of sport in the Republic and growth of skills of our boxers. When competing with the best, they reveal their abilities, sport talents and achieve astonishing results. We are proud of their success in national and international competitions, and their growth to real leaders and champions, said Aleksey Chulkin, СEO of UDS group, President of Boxing Federation of the Udmurt Republic. – It is important to make sports, and, in particular, boxing, accessible to the rising generation, motivate children to continue training to ensure that they grow healthy and strong. We raise a new generation of champions, who will present our Republic and country in European and world championships».

In March 2020, the boxers of Udmurtia will have another opportunity to demonstrate their fighter skills and compete for the medals – Izhevsk will host the 3rd men's national team boxing championship involving sportsmen from federal districts. One of the major sports events of the region will be supported by UDS group and devoted to the 75th anniversary of Victory.

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