Handicapped children visit Center of Udmurt Culture

School year for the first and sixth grade students of Izhevsk school No. 101 for children with musculoskeletal disorder was capped by the tour to the Center of Udmurt Culture in Karamas-Pelga village. UDS group became a sponsor of that trip.

Kids became acquainted with the history, traditions and ceremonies of Udmurt villages, took part in the quest with uncommon tasks, such as carrying water on shoulder pole, looking for key in clew, solving riddles. The tour was completed by hospitable ethnical lunch with perepechi, tabani with zyret sauce and lively folk songs. All kids gained a boost of energy and great mood, new knowledge and positive experience!

Charity is an integral part of our company. We cordially take part in the projects, which help social rehabilitation of special needs children and give them an opportunity to feel that the world around them is accessible, friendly and open for everyone.

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