UDS Oil team is winner of the UDS group’s Olympics trophy chase

Six teams. 180 participants. 17 sports. 10 months of bight sport encounters. Honest, keen, uncompromising struggle, drive and will to victory, burning desire to become the champion of the first UDS group’s corporate Olympics trophy chase, emotions run high - this is how we will remember the major sport event of the holding. 
Throughout the year we all were rejoicing over victories of our teams and together we went through defeat, lit sport stars and discovered new talents. We supported excitedly, strained our voices and got our palms sore from thunderous applause. Those were unalloyed emotions and drive!

Final stage of the first UDS group’s corporate Olympics trophy chase took place at the Kupol stadium. Family contest, relay race, tug-of-war, kettlebell lifting, long jumps, darts, fan contests and cheerleading — sport emotions were running high with every minute. Everyone was striving for victory! Everyone deserved it and everyone was competing at the top of their lungs. But there shall be only one winner. Following the results of the team scoring, which has been lasting throughout the year, the champions cup and golden medals were won by UDS Oil's team. It was a confident, although a tough win. From the very first events the team was after the leadership and maintained the winning spirit until the final. Congratulations!

Anna Yuminova, Assistant to UDS Oil CEO, team captain:

This victory means a lot for us! First, it has definitely united the employees. People, who work in the field, felt themselves part of the UDS Oil. It is team spirit and mutual support, which helped us to become champions. Second, more people started to go info sports owing to the sports and athletic contest. And this is great! As sport is progress and progress is life!

I cannot think of any sport event when we were absolutely sure in the success as competitors were worthy. But I, as a captain, always hoped for the best! Now, when the contest is over and we have the Cup, people come to us with admiring glance, show their appreciation, speak highly of the colleagues whose efforts brought the team to the first place and intend to take part in future contests. That's because everyone wants to feel themselves a part of big friendly and focused team, which is moving onwards and upwards!

Competition of teams for silver and bronze medals was one of the most intense ones. As a result, PSK UralDomStroy is the second-best by a narrow margin and UDS Group's team is on the third place. You made it! We believe that your main achievements are yet to come!

We would like to thank all athletes and fans for the incredible drive, for thousands of unforgettable moments and highlights of the Olympics trophy chase, for shining eyes and pounding hearts, for you being here with us! We love our UDS group's team and are proud of it! Together moving onwards and upwards!!!

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