UDS Oil gains the lead in the team event of the UDS group’s Olympics trophy chase

The nearer is the final of the UDS group’s Olympics trophy chase, the tougher are competitions and more hot-tempered is the sport struggling. This time athletes were challenged to pass the GTO fitness tests and compete in air rifle shooting accuracy. 

UDS Oil became the winner in the GTO team event. Kare restaurant is the second-best and PSK UralDomStroy is on the third place. Inga Geidarova (UDS Oil) and Aleksey Medvedev (UDS Oil) have performed the best. Well done, mates! 

UDS group's team is the leader in competitive shooting. SU UralDomStroy and Uralbeton/Sreduralnerud’s teams were the second and the third best. The most accurate shooters of the competition were Elena Maramygina (UDS group) and Evgeniy Spolokhov (UDS Oil). You guys are great!

We congratulate the teams with excellent results and wish them new sporting success and winning spirit for the final events! A special thanks to fans for emotional support and motivation of athletes!!! You are the best! 

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