The next generation engineers

Winners of the Russian national engineering skill competition among high-school teams were awarded in Izhevsk. This event is one of the projects of the President’s platform «Russia a Land of Opportunities». UDS group became the partner of the event. Engineering competitions conducted in the capital of Udmurtia were a continuation of the series of 16 final competitions held in November-December in 16 cities country-wide. Finalists in Izhevsk were representing the Udmurt Republic.

Objective of the Academic Competition is to engage highschoolers interested in modern technologies for addressing actual engineering tasks. Fifty-seven students of the 5th - 7th school grades took part in the final round. The event was hosted by the Kvantorium children's technology park and included four competition disciplines: robot world, human, virtual world and human environment technologies. All tasks of the academic competition were beyond the school curriculum.

UDS group's representative took on the role of experts in the final tests for the «Human environment technologies» discipline and evaluated project of smart pedestrian crossing, which controls a traffic flow.

- As the urban space development company, we understand the importance of supporting talented children. They are the future. Their ideas and outside-the-box thinking allow the industry to progress ahead. Our objective is to enable them to experiment, create and venture. Interest is a starting point for the career path, and growth of professionals capable to accelerate technology breakthrough of the nation. For us it is important that such people join UDS group, i.e., people, with vivid interest in innovations, who are proactive and treat challenges and complex tasks as the growth prospects. Participation of the holding as partner and expert of the final round of the event is a today's possibility to meet the next generation engineers, whose initiatives will always have our support, said Aleksey Chulkin, CEO of UDS group.

Winners of the Izhevsk final round are:

  • PDPK team in the «Robot world technologies» discipline: Polina Firuleva (Votkinsk), Daria Bukina (Votkinsk), Polina Lozhkina (Votkinsk), Konstantin Nagovitsyn (Votkinsk).
  • STAR TEAM in the «Virtual world technologies» discipline: Kirill Vasiliev (Sovkhozniy village), Maxim Voronov (Izhevsk), Ivan Grachev (Izhevsk), Timur Starikov (Izhevsk).
  • IT MEN team in the «Human environment technologies» discipline: Nikita Bratukhin, Nikita Zavarzin, Ivan Burov, Rodion Duktanov (all from Izhevsk).
  • Blueberry team in the «Human technologies» discipline: Polina Savinykh (Izhevsk), Denis Aksenov (Sigaevo village), Kirill Yushkov (Izhevsk), Artem Ivanov (Izhevsk).

Over 23000 students of the 5th - 7th school grades from 84 regions of Russia have applied for participating in the academic competition. Following the correspondence round, 1200 participants were qualified for the final.

The academic competition of project teams under the National Technology Initiative is the first Russian national engineering skill competition event for highschoolers and students. The event has been organized by the Kruzhok movement by the NTI, Agency for Strategic Initiatives and Russian Venture Company since 2015. One of the objectives is to create conditions for intellectual development and involvement of children into modern engineering practices, support of career guidance and conscious choice of educational trajectories. The academic competition of project teams under the NTI.Junior initiative for students of the 5th - 7th school grades is conducted from the academic year 2019-2020 with the support of ANO «Russia a Land of Opportunities» and «NTI Platform».

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