New horizons

UDS group launches a new business lines in 2020: placer gold mining in the Perm Territory and the Sverdlovsk Region.

The project will be implemented by OOO Uralnerud, the holding’s affiliate, and two gold-mining companies with valid subsoil licenses, which have been included to the holding in 2019: OOO Vega (Perm Territory) and OOO Vtorichnye dragotsennye metally (VDM) (Sverdlovsk Region). VDM and Vega are in operation since 2008 and 2011 correspondingly. Total headcount of companies is over 200 people.

In 2019 OOO Uralnerudhas won 6 mineral license auctions and acquired the licenses for geological survey exploration and mining operations. As of today, UDS group's portfolio includes 12 licenses. According to preliminary estimates, total mine reserves of gold is over 4500 kg.

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