Journal of UDS group’s Olympics trophy chase

Sport teams of the Holding become more and more active in the chase for the 2nd UDS group’s Olympics trophy. Two competition phases are completed and the first results can be summed up.

Uralbeton-Sreduralnerud and UDS Oil's teams were engaged in keen competition for the leadership in the futsal tournament. Teams have been steadily scoring points outplaying the opponents and have reached the final with equal odds of winning. This time UDS Oil's team was stronger and luckier. They are the champions! Uralbeton-Sreduralnerud is the second best and UDS Group is on the third place by penalty kicks.

UDS Oil has strengthened their sporting success by becoming the winner in the cross-running team contest. Kare restaurant is the second-best and UDS Group's team is on the third place. At that, the personal best results were demonstrated by Renat Aminov (PSK UralDomStroy) among men and Anna Gulakova (UDS Group) among women. 2 km and 3 km races were open for everyone and two best scores of men and women were counted.

At the end of two competition phases of the corporate Olympics trophy chase, UDS Oil’s team is leading in the overall standing. But the struggle for the main sport trophy is just beginning! Forthcoming are volleyball, basketball, swimming, competitive skiing, bowling, rifle shooting, long jump, weight lifting, table tennis, tug-of-war and relay race events.

Let's cheer for our teams and look forward to action-packed events, thrills and remarkable victories!

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