Awards for the best

Annual UDS group employees’ awarding ceremony took place in the National Cohesion Center on December 19th. Aleksey Chulkin, General Director of UDS group, has awarded 200 specialists of business lines of the holding for the dedicated work, operational excellence and contribution to company's success. When opening the awarding ceremony, he thanked every employee for the contribution and operational excellence, full commitment, adherence to company’s values and emphasized teamwork, which enables the company to implement large-scale and challenging projects, achieve the set targets and prominent results.

Certificates of Merit and Letters of Acknowledgment were presented for operational excellence and contribution to company's success. Over 180 employees were awarded with corporate badges of UDS group. These are the specialists with the continuous track record in the company for 3, 5 and 7 years.

In addition, results of the UDS Oil's «Idea system» program were acknowledged. Through the course of the year employees shared their ideas aimed at saving resources, improving labor conditions and ensuring environmental safety. Proposals allow to create new or optimize existing work methods and techniques, which allows to advance existing company’s processes. Following the results of the year, Dmitry Tokarev, Chief Power Engineer of UDS Oil, has been recognized as the most efficient program contributor. He has proposed maximum number of ideas, which were further implemented.

We would like to congratulate our colleagues with the well-deserved awards and wish them the continued success, increase of professional skills and implementation of all desired plans and initiatives!

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