On September 15-16, «UDS group» held an offsite strategic session in Nechkino. The event brought together more than 50 people: top management and heads of departments of the company. The session was moderated by international business consultant and business coach Vadim Yudin.

The main purpose of the event is to find new opportunities for «UDS group» team to improve the efficiency of the holding as a whole and each of the business areas, to optimize business processes and mechanisms for solving professional problems.

Theory and practice are included in the program of the session. The participants discussed promising business models and directions at the turn of 2018-2025, performance indicators, new approaches to business planning and creation of project teams, organization of team work and other topical issues. Within the framework of two practical modules, ideas were developed and specific proposals were formed, the implementation of which will ensure the conditions for successful business development.

According to the participants of the event, the strategic session has become a useful experience that allowed to take a fresh look at the company's activities, systematically analyze the business and identify points of growth.

- At the end of the session, many useful proposals were developed to improve the efficiency of the holding's businesses. At the same time, everyone benefits by improving business processes, saving time on procedures within the company and reducing some of the risks. A great deal of discussed problems at the event coincides with the development strategy that we are gradually introducing into the oil sector. Therefore, for me, as a Manager, it is a support in the form of knowledge that is received by the Heads of oil business units and Heads of holding services, - said on the participation in the session CEO of «UDS oil» Yuri Shlyapnikov.

According to Vsevolod Ivanov, Director of «UralDomStroy», the third-party moderator is objective and gives an impartial view of the processes in the company. Therefore, many issues are easier to solve: «We discussed the requirement for an Investment Committee, the IT Management Committee, the requirement to describe business processes-things that seem obvious, but new experience is always useful. Also the actual information from the point of view of synchronization of processes is given».

- «UDS group» is a combination of multi-format businesses, different cultures and approaches. For me, the key thesis of the two days of the session is that our difference is our strength. The development of common platforms for discussion is a great tradition and it is important to continue it, - said Maria Ozhegova, Human Resources Director of «UDS group».

All proposals submitted as a result of the strategy will be consolidated to create mechanisms based on them aimed at improving business processes.

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