Who are we?

The company UDS oil consists of several enterprises that specialize in oilfields development and oil extraction in the Perm Territory and the Udmurt Republic.

The company was established is order to undertake the following activities:

  • Extraction of oil and other natural resources;
  • Carrying out of geological works on license areas with in order to identify places available for oil extraction;
  • Development and use of oil fields;
  • International economic activity.

Company has a solid foundation for the oil extraction and refining that is why company mainly focuses on local markets and invests in related branches, like oil products delivery with various transportation facilities.

We gradually implement long-term projects, aimed at the development of major businesses of the corporation and improve quality of the goods and services without incremental production costs in order to take leading position in stiff competition with business rivals and to expand our market share.

The management of the company gives close attention to such aspects as stimulation of investors’ interest and doing legal business. The company is focused on dynamic growth in the interests of its shareholders and employees.

Our mission

UDS oil researches and develops oil fields. Our mission is to supply energy to the major strategic enterprises of the republic by developing oil fields. In addition, our company has at its disposal the facilities to prepare oil for its further transportation. We plan to increase oil production and provide keen competition to leading oil companies of the Udmurt Republic.

Energy is an engine of progress and it is vital for mankind. Neither economic growth nor improvement of life standard are possible without energy. Our mission is to provide access to quality power sources to all people. The development of oil fields solves the problem of fuel crisis.

The company’s growth depends on the fact, whether our partners and interested parties accept our policy and how occurs the development of oil fields.

Our principles

UDS oil is a service company that specializes in providing a full range of services in the field of oil extraction. We are the team of professionals whom a future growth of the company is more important than the profit it generates.

The employees of UDS oil company have proved themselves to be true professionals in this field and who are not afraid of to carry out ambitious projects. Our main principle is "Tackling with complex tasks strengthens team spirit and stimulate team building ". The company makes special reference to its employees. Professional growth of personnel accounts for the company’s development.

Data derived from our practical and research work is invaluable and efficiently used in our work.

Only our company deals with such notion as «fair price». In other words, the calculation is always based on detailed preview of the real costs, met to achieve a particular goal. We immediately declare the fact, if a project budget is low and it is not able to be carried out successfully. There is no place for dumping in our company, as good reputation and image are our priorities.

Taking into account the specific field of UDS oil activity, the company effectively operates a policy on environmental protection. Oil is extracted in a safe way in order to minimize damage to nature.


It’s a simple pleasure to cooperate with us!

Yuri Shlyapnikov
Chief Executive Officer, UDS Oil

Availability of modern equipment and machinry

Highly- qualified personnel

A multifaceted approach

Automated control systems

Modern technologies of oil extraction

Environmental friendly business

Close cooperation with other companies

Modern infrastructure

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