On the site of the oil production and treatment shop No. 1 of the Azinskii field, in UDS OIL a professional skill competition was held among the commercial oil operators and well workover and servicing teams. 25 company employees took part in this competition.

It was held in one stage for the well workover and servicing teams - testing for knowledge of the professional specific features. The commercial oil operators, in addition to passing the theoretical exam, performed two practical tasks. Before starting the competition, the participants passed the verification of their labor protection and industrial safety certificates, availability of the personal protective equipment and clothing.

Well workover and servicing teams competed in three nominations: «The Best Winding Engine Driver», «The Best Well Workover and Servicing Master», «The Best Well Workover Driller». In order to identify the leaders in each nomination, the contestants performed a test on the knowledge of industrial safety rules, repair techniques, traffic rules. According to the test results, the winners of the nominations were determined: «The Best Winding Engine Driver» - Alexei Pushin (team 1 of wellbore maintenance and workover shop); «The Best Well Workover and Servicing Master» - Stepan Serebryakov (team 2 of wellbore maintenance and workover shop); «The Best Well Workover Driller» - Denis Valitov (team 2 of wellbore maintenance and workover shop).

For the commercial oil operators, the competitive program consisted of a test for the knowledge of electrical safety rules, fire safety basics, working conditions and practical instructions for measuring the base height of a vertical steel tank and determining the net weight of oil in the vertical steel tank-400. The jury evaluated the order and accuracy of the actions, the work quality, compliance with the safety rules and accuracy of calculations. All participants coped with this task successfully, showing a good level of training and confirming their high qualification.

According to the points gained for the theory and practice, Mikhail Selyakin (Oil production and treatment shop No 1) became the best commercial oil operator. Alexei Korshunov (Oil production and treatment shop No 1) took the second place. Sergey Pesterev (acceptance station «Malaya Purga») won the third place.

- Each competition «The Best Specialist» promotes the experience exchange between the employees of different departments, skills and qualifications improvement. A person grows as a specialist, increases his knowledge and hones skills, aspires to the new horizons, Alexander Perminov, the Сhairman of the jury, the Deputy of CEO, the Chief Engineer of «UDS OIL», comments: In order to be in demand in the industry, it is necessary to have a constant growth and development. Our professional skill competitions are the excellent motivation for the employees to become better, to learn from their colleagues, to improve their professional skills. It is important because the competitiveness and efficient operation of the whole company depend on the level of their training.

Congratulations to the winners of the competition on well-deserved awards and thanks to all participants! Let your results become the motivation for your new achievements and growth of professional skills! Stay the best and multiply your victories!

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