On September 1, with the participation of «UDS Oil», a children's play workshop was opened in the Family Entertainment Park KIDO. A gift to young residents of Izhevsk and guests of the capital was prepared by the company for the new academic year. 
Now every child has the opportunity to master the demanded professions of the oil industry – a driller, a chemical analysis laboratory assistant and a geologist; they will learn where oil is extracted, how to use the products of its processing, participate in the launch of a real well and the production process. 
The site is equipped with models of a drilling rig, a rocking machine and a well in order to dive into the profession. In the workshop with young oil producers a mentor works who teaches them the basics of oil business and monitors the safety. 
The first-graders were the first guests of the «UDS Oil» new game zone - the children of employees of the «UDS group». On the Day of Knowledge there was a bright holiday with a magician, competitions, dance battles, lottery and gifts for them in the KIDO Park. 
- We are grateful to our partners – «UDS Oil» for invaluable contribution to the formation of our children's future! «The Oil production workshop» is a great gift for all residents of the City of KIDO CITY professions, said the representatives of the Family Entertainment Park KIDO. 
Classes in the «UDS Oil workshop» will not only introduce children to the actual fields, but will also teach them to be independent and get useful skills, they will give new knowledge and in the future will help in choosing a profession. 
The «UDS Oil workshop» in KIDO Park is not the first project of «UDS Oil», its aim is to upgrade the younger generation. Since its inception, the company has been involved in the implementation of social initiatives, including supporting programs for children with disabilities, supporting school and pre-school institutions. 

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