New level of comfort

Building of 7 innovative houses «UralDomStroy» is nearly finished. Delivery of residential compounds, such as «Clever», «Ocean city», «Griboyedov», «Eco life Vesna», «Tango», «Zarechnyi kvartal» (the last house), «Matryoshka city» (the second house), is planned in 2019.

«Clever» residential compound will be among the first delivered. «Clever» is a smart house in Metallurgist town, which is an ecologically friendly and leafy district of Izhevsk. Energy-efficient technologies (combined solar-wind power plant in order to lower the electricity costs, apartment heating, automatized individual heating unit), technological simplicity (video door entry systems, automatic transmission of counter data to management committees, receptacles with usb-ports, wi-fi in the yard and inside the house, video monitoring by the means of a phone) and environmental friendliness (separate waste collection, containers for battery recycling) – those choose «Clever» residential compound, who appreciate innovative solutions, which help to ease everyday routine.

It is planned, that permission for facility commissioning will be gained as early as in 1st quarter after those apartments will be given to their owners. Today apartment selling goes at full drive, only a few apartments are still available. If you are ready to reach a new level of comfort, then don’t postpone buying, and change your housing conditions for the better today.

Telephone of «UralDomStroy» sales department: (3412) 723-723. Our specialists are always ready to be contacted, are ready to provide full information about each residential compound and to answer all your questions.  

“Clever” residential compound. Builder “Constructor” LLC. “Griboyedov” residential compound. Builder “Griboyedov” LLC. “Tango” residential compound. Builder “Tango” LLC. “Zarechnyi kvartal” residential compound, residence building 6. Builder “Initsiativa” LLC, real estate investment and development company. “Eco life Vesna” residential compound. Builder “Eco life” LLC. “Ocean city” residential compound. Builder “Citystroy” LLC. “Matryoshka city” residential compound, house 2. Builder “Stroyproject” LLC. Project declarations are on the web-site наш.дом.рф. Selling agent – “UDS-service”

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